In September 2020 we opened a new branch of SUP with George... Huskisson Bike Hire!

Our ever-growing fleet of Beach Cruiser style bicycles is the perfect way to explore over 10km of Bike Path around Huskisson, Vincentia and Woollamia! A concrete path follows the many beaches of Huskisson and Vincentia all the way from Huskisson's bustling Owen Street to the southern end of Nelsons Beach, Vincentia.

Bike Hire is available all over town! Give us a call to find out where our bikes are! The hire works in 2 hour sessions for just $30.

Wanting to keep the bike overnight? We are currently working on a vintage range of restored crusiers, perfect for your night out around Huskisson.

To find out more, call George on 0477 007 100.

Bike Path Map-01.png